A Day Trip to Taipei, a board game promoted by Kiddy Kiddo

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A Day Trip to Taipei, a board game promoted by Kiddy Kiddo. This board game was designed and developed by Kiddy Kiddo in collaboration with the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government. As a limited-edition game, only 3000 sets have been produced. It is suitable for ages eight and over.

Instructions are included in Chinese, English, Japanese and Thai in the box in order to be accessible for international audiences. There are a variety of interesting video clips and commentary from online influencers and bloggers.

In this game, players will travel with fake Taiwanese dollar notes. During the game, players can access many well-known landmarks, historical heritage sites, various methods of transportation and many more areas of interest on the game map as if they were actually travelling in Taipei.

The core source of inspiration behind the formation of the company are the words from one father, the founder of this company, Mr Chihti Li, wanted to tell his daughters. As a father, he believes that children should not be solely educated in manners and knowledge.

A Day Trip to Taipei, a board game promoted by Kiddy Kiddo.

A Day Trip to Taipei, a board game promoted by Kiddy Kiddo

The reason for this is that children may possibly not develop their own identity and become carbon copies of their parents, emulating their behaviour patterns. This father just wanted to give what he never experienced during his childhood to his daughters.

Mr Li started his career in the electronics industry in Thailand. In 2009, he started to collaborate with specialists in design and marketing in Taiwan with the goal of striving for innovation in design. At that time, Kiddy Kiddo was thus born in Thailand. The products have a wide target audience. Regardless of each player’s age or nationality, each game is highly interactive.

The games were designed to incorporate a broad spectrum, developing the concept of outcome, learning, and fun. Rules are clear and simple. Players can, however, adjust the rules to their individual preferences in order to keep the fun flowing. Another key point to note is that all games are designed to incorporate various ability levels.  

In 2009, Kiddy Kiddo was awarded the Golden Toy Medal by the Thai government.

After thorough market research, we believed the Taiwanese consumer market had reached maturity in terms of designing games intended to foster parent-child interaction. The Taiwan branch of Kiddy Kiddo was hence founded in response to this. Today consumers can purchase Kiddy Kiddo’s products through Kiddy Kiddo’s website and retail outlets such as Eslite Bookstores, Kingstone, Phanasia, etc.

Various professionals and institutions, including pediatricians, occupational therapists, The National Library and schools have purchased Kiddy Kiddo’s products to use in their curriculum or for incorporation into treatment sessions.

 A Day Trip to Taipei, a board game promoted by Kiddy Kiddo

In addition, Kiddy Kiddo’s products have also been exported overseas to countries including Japan, the US, Canada and Hong Kong, giving Taiwanese innovation a broader reach.

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