5 Reasons to Switch to a Natural Skincare Routine

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5 Reasons to Switch to a Natural Skincare Routine. The obsession with beauty is growing stronger every year, and so is the amount of toxins used in skincare products. Most of us agree that a considerable amount of chemicals are being used in products but continue using them because they offer instant results. However, we are blindsided by the positive effects and forget the negative impact it can have in the long run.

5 Reasons to Switch to a Natural Skincare Routine

5 Reasons to Switch to a Natural Skincare Routine

The good news is, following a natural routine is not only safe but also doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Here are the top 5 reasons which will tempt you to make the switch

14 potent vitamins-for younger and healthier skin

14 potent vitamins-for younger and healthier skin

  1. It’ll flush out the toxins

Taking the natural route for skincare will have a detoxifying effect. Your skin will begin to breathe normally after years of being abused with chemical products. Remember that it’ll always get worse before it gets better and it’s completely normal when going the natural way. Your skin will need a maximum of 90 days before it adjusts to the new routine. So if in between if you experience breakouts it’s probably the toxins leaving your skin. So don’t give up yet.

  1. Pores will be less clogged

Many of the skin care products have ingredients like petroleum jelly and mineral oil which clog your pores and prevent moisture retention. So when you substitute those products for natural ones it’ll keep your pores clean and hydrated. Plus, it will restore the skin’s natural ability to heal itself and reduce any redness on the skin.

  1. Delays aging

Switching to a natural routine will provide extra nourishment to your skin, reduce fine lines and keep the skin fresh. They don’t show results more quickly than conventional products but, will help to maintain the health and radiance of the skin in the long term.

Check out the infographic above or check out the link  which will help you to combat aging from within with the help of vitamins.

  1. No side effects

Parabens are used in most skin care products to extend their shelf life. They are synthetic and have possible side effects that are still being uncovered. When you go the natural way, you’ll use honey or olive oil that won’t have an adverse effect on your body. While some people may experience allergies, the effects are much more minimal compared to using products that are full of synthetics.

  1. Suitable for all skin types

Following a natural skincare routine will not cause any side effects that are hard to treat and can actually Fixyourskin. Therefore people with combination, sensitive and oily skin types can use natural products without having to worry about the irritation caused by chemicals. They are gentle on your skin, and will give you peace of mind because you have protected your skin from using anything harsh.

Skin is always working to protect our body. So you have to take your time when following a natural skin care routine and give it time to heal. Give your skin time to undergo the transition and let it get accustomed to the natural way.

Modern day stress, strains, and pollution have a direct impact on both the health of your body and skin. So always choose the natural way to rejuvenate your skin, aside from a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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  1. Sam says:

    For a beauty enthusiast, I really admire those who can provide natural alternatives that can be as great as the brands that are available in the market. I just don’t want to purchase brands that contains a lot of chemicals which can truly put a lot of risk to your skin (most especially in the face).
    Thanks a lot for sharing this. It definitely is worth the read.

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