10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hair Extension

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These top 10 tips from Great Lengths  will guide you through the entire process of picking out the right hair extensions for your individual needs. Learn the difference between high quality and low grade hair extensions while choosing the perfect hair extensions for you.

Choose 100% Human, Not Synthetic Hair Extensions

Human hair lasts longer than synthetic. It can be treated and will look just like your real hair. You can even use hair straighteners and curling irons on real hair. Synthetic hair extensions cannot be styled or heated and fade quickly as they’re highly sensitive to sun exposure and air moisture.

Virgin Hair

Always choose ‘virgin’, meaning hair that has never been chemically treated, coloured or bleached with ammonia or peroxides.

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hair Extension

Remi Hair

Remi is a term used to describe the method of bundling 100% human hair so that the roots and ends of the hair are facing the correct direction to avoid the cuticles of individual hairs catching against each other. The advantage of extensions made from Remi hair is that tangling is avoided.


Double-drawn hair ensures your extensions are voluminous and thick and the strands are consistent throughout the entire length. Double-drawn hair means that all the unwanted short hair strands have been removed.

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hair Extension


No one will be able to tell you have extensions. When Great Lengths’ 100% human hair extensions, are styled by a professional technician the bonds are set close to your head, never at the hair part of your hairline. The rows, set in the natural direction of your hair, ensure the result is indistinguishable to your own hair.

Flat or Round Bonds

Flat and round bonds refer to the volume your extensions will provide. They are equally good choices that depend entirely on the style of your own hair. While you’ll achieve more volume from round bonds, flat bonds are more discreet when used with particularly fine hair or thin density areas, such as the fringe, where they give a sleek and seamless result.

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hair Extension

Match Your Colour

Choose a brand of hair extensions that provides a good range of hair extension colours. Your stylist will be able to select multiple extension shades to match your own hair, giving natural finish. Highlights and low-lights can be added to achieve additional depth and tone without the use of dyes.

Colours & Dyes

Extensions are used to create highlights and add colour in particular places, but a professional hair technician can add colour between the hair extensions, if necessary. You can also easily freshen up colour in the ‘free zone’ or the section at the top of your head where the hair extensions have not been placed.

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hair Extension


Having hair extensions shouldn’t require any more maintenance than normal if you choose high quality, natural extensions. Regular brushing, wearing it up to sleep at night and using high quality products will increase their longevity, with no addition to your normal hair care routine.

Ethically Sourced

Only choose guaranteed ethically sourced 100% real human hair extensions that have been willingly donated. Great Lengths is the only hair extension company in the world that guarantees – with documented support – that all hair has been ethically sourced.

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