Presor a smooth, slim and healthy body from Glow with Ceri Silk

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Presor therapy is an excellent treatment in Hong Kong if you suffer from swollen ankles, heavy aching legs, fluid retention, circulatory and weight problems. My first Presor therapy treatment in Hong Kong at Glow with Ceri Silk, was a pleasant surprise 30 minutes of relaxation, if your type of relaxation is to  read a book, mediate,  check out  your ipad  then sit back at Glow with Ceri Silk and let the Presor  to do its wonderful job.

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Presor a smooth, slim and healthy body from Glow with Ceri Silk

Over 90% of our population suffer from cellulite, oedema, bad circulation, and dysfunctional reno-lymphatic systems. So many clients who visit Glow with Ceri Silk go to her salon with a number of issues, all of these are discussed in the consultation so a treatment plan can be worked out and a commitment of 30 minutes is all you need to make for each visit.

So what is Presor? The Presor is a computerized therapy unit that involves spending half an hour wrapped in a body suit made from inflatable tubes and pockets. These are blown up to increase pressure on your legs and trunk, thereby stimulating your lymphatic system to detoxify your body and also combat water retention.

The treatment is simple, and fast, with immediate benefits. Presor Therapy is a unique method of restoring circulatory problems, fluid retention, lymphatic drainage disorders and other organic filtering mechanisms that your body requires for good health and functioning.

Presor a smooth, slim and healthy body from Glow with Ceri Silk

Initially I wanted to use Presor Therapy for water retention, I found that after one treatment the water retention in the ankles and around the knees had reduced, the comfort level in the calves improved, and  I slipped in to my pants with a little more ease. When speaking with Ceri the owner of Glow with Ceri Silk she made some observations, “Most of my clients who are on a weight loss program, often lose interest in achieving their goals, as it just takes too long for them to visually see their results, with Presor once you have a treatment you can start to see results yourself, its great motivation and support for my weight loss clients,” commented Ceri Silk.

You can telephone +852 2525 5198 and speak to one of the Beauty Therapists at Glow with Ceri Silk located in Central Hong Kong  for a consultation. Presently they have an introductory price of HKD400 per treatment which are normally priced at HKD600. This is a great treatment you can enjoy, that might sound strange but enjoy during lunch time, before or after work and feel totally motivated, it’s one of life’s AHA moments.

For all Hong Kong clients, if you are time poor why not incorporate  this treatment into your facial time, its an easy add on any time you visit Glow with Ceri Silk.



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