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Mendeli Street Hotel epitomises Tel Aviv’s dynamic culture

| May 30, 2017 | 0 Comments

Vibrant, cosmopolitan and chic, Mendeli Street Hotel, located in the bustling Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv, encompasses all the cornerstones of sophisticated urban hospitality. Situated just two minutes from the beach, this hotel blends fine cuisine, décor and the latest Israeli art and design trends to provide its guests with a unique Tel Aviv experience.

The hotel is owned by the Steinbach family and originally opened in the 1960s.  After it was handed down to the third generation, Mendeli Street Hotel went through a complete rebranding and major renovation. Finally re-emerging onto the Tel Aviv tourist scene three years ago.

Mendeli Street Hotel epitomises Tel Aviv’s dynamic culture

Mendeli Street Hotel epitomises Tel Aviv’s dynamic culture

Since its rebirth, Mendeli Street Hotel has remained loyal to its goal of paying homage to the extraordinary city it is located in.  Upon first entering, visitors are enticed by their surroundings.  Tel Aviv’s dynamic art scene is exhibited across the hotel.  Complemented by the hotel’s contemporary style that utilises clean lines, natural hardwood furnishings and leafy green ferns. The 66 rooms of the hotel mirror the same overall style. They are designed to reflect the nearby beach atmosphere. The elegant and sophisticated rooms display different and ever-changing commissioned Israeli artworks, adding to the overall feel of balance and harmony the hotel provides. The Mendeli not only projects Tel Aviv’s signature style through art and design but also keeps up with the city’s up-and-coming culinary scene.

The Mendeli Street Hotel is home to one of the city’s best restaurants.  Mashya, headed by the renowned Chef Yossi Shitrit, has become a favourite amongst locals. Offering fresh and innovative culinary experience.  From breakfast to dinner, it is the ultimate restaurant adaptation of what the hotel offers. With a dedication to local style and historical authenticity, it is a tribute to Tel Aviv’s culture.  At Mashya every flavor, smell and sight is deliberate and unique, with Chef Shitrit incorporating local spices and produce with some of the most advanced cooking techniques. With an open kitchen and extensive wine list, the restaurant has become a standout in a city dedicated to sensational dining.

Mendeli Street Hotel epitomises Tel Aviv’s dynamic culture

Mendeli Street Hotel epitomises Tel Aviv’s dynamic culture

The Mendeli offers proximity to the heart of Tel Aviv. For those wishing to escape the urban life and see more of the country, daily tours can be arranged. From the 24 hour concierge desk, providing each guest with a personal and tailor made experience.  The Mendeli Street Hotel is a sophisticated tribute to the dynamic character of a remarkable city.

Mendeli Street Hotel epitomises Tel Aviv’s dynamic culture

Originally opened in the 1960s.  Mendeli Street Hotel has passed through three generations and recently undergone renovations. Reopening in 2013. A boutique hotel located in the heart of Tel Aviv. The Mendeli features 66 rooms including open layout loft rooms and an Executive Suite in addition to standard and superior rooms. Each room is equipped with complimentary wifi. A fully stocked minibar and a walk-in rain shower with Dead Sea bathroom amenities. The Hotel provides 24/7 concierge service. As well as a fitness centre and Treatment Room. The hotel has one in-house restaurant, Mashya. Led by renowned Tel Aviv Chef Yossi Shitrit and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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