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In Differences Lie Affinities – Aesop

| July 9, 2015 | 2 Comments

What is the story behind the In Differences Lie Affinities campaign? This brand campaign celebrates Aesop’s approach to design in the wake of their 100th store. Throughout the past 28 years, Aesop have been constantly delighted by the unexpected affinities that have come from the negotiation of differences involved in establishing new stores – by means of immersion in unfamiliar landscapes, investigation of local materials, engagement with local culture and history, and of course development of fertile new relationships. The desire to embrace differences and nurture such affinities is intrinsic to our thinking and way of being.

In Differences Lie Affinities – Aesop

In Differences Lie Affinities - Aesop

In Differences Lie Affinities – Aesop

In seeking new locations, their first consideration is always to work with what is already in place: they tread lightly with respect to the past, present and future. It is our sincere intention to weave ourselves into the fabric of the street and add something of merit rather than impose a discordant presence, and therefore our consistent practice to work with a locally relevant design vocabulary.

What are the objectives of the campaign?

The In Differences Lie Affinities campaign is a great platform to celebrate Aesop’s design philosophy, which is such an integral part of Aesop’s overall brand philosophy. The unique store designs help differentiate themselves from other cosmetic brands; however they are yet to focus a campaign specifically around this topic. The creative approach to this campaign is sure to arouse customer’s curiosity, and generate much conversation with customers in store, as well as interest in events that will be scheduled in each market.

In Differences Lie Affinities - Aesop

In Differences Lie Affinities – Aesop

What is the creative background for the campaign?

This campaign celebrates Aesop’s work and identity, with focus on the architecture and materiality of our spaces around the world.
It is always their intention to weave themselves into the fabric of the local community rather than imposing a discordant presence. It emphasises the ready embrace of the differences they discover when entering a territory and/or neighbourhood that is new to them, and the rich affinities that emerge from them.  While language and other aspects of local culture – and history – may be unfamiliar, when Aesop takes time to familiarise themselves and to become involved with the local community, they inevitably find shared passions and values.  Aesop believes this approach to be a significant point of distinction for the  brand, and one to be celebrated.

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